Zero Gravity 5000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Introducing the Zero Gravity 5000 – Where Innovation Meets Comfort!

The Zero Gravity 5000 mattress is pure luxury from the Zero Gravity range, and is becoming more and more popular within the Healthopaedic brand unique mattresses.

The Zero Gravity 5000, really is like floating on air, with the cushiony soft fabric, and it has been developed to recreate an amazing sense of weightlessness, and it is hand tufted which secures all the fillings and mattress in place with wool tufts, on top of the mattress

🌌 **Experience Elevated Comfort:** Immerse yourself in the embrace of 2000 meticulously crafted pocket springs, complemented by a 3000 tablet pocket spring unit, providing an unparalleled level of support and comfort.

🚀 **Zero Gravity® Technology:** Elevate your sleep experience with our revolutionary Zero Gravity® Technology. Feel weightless as the mattress contours to your body, offering a sense of buoyancy and ultimate relaxation.

🤲 **Hand Stitched for Perfection:** Every detail matters. Our mattress is hand-stitched with precision, ensuring Edge-to-Edge support for a sleep surface that feels customized just for you.

🔄 **One-Sided Wonder:** Enjoy the simplicity of maintenance with our one-sided design. A quick rotation is all it takes to keep your mattress feeling fresh and comfortable.

Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with the Zero Gravity 5000 – where luxury and technology converge for a sleep experience like no other. 🌙✨ 


1. **Quantum Comfort Springs:** 2000 Pocket Springs paired with a 3000 tablet pocket spring unit for superior support.

2. **Zero Gravity® Technology:** Experience weightlessness and ultimate comfort as the mattress adjusts to your body's unique contours.

3. **Hand-Stitched Perfection:** Meticulously crafted with precision for Edge-to-Edge support, ensuring a customized sleep surface.

4. **One-Sided Design:** Effortless maintenance – simply rotate for enduring comfort and freshness.

5. **Breathable Fabric:** Stay cool and cozy throughout the night with our high-performance, breathable fabric.

6. **Motion Isolation:** Minimize disturbances and enjoy undisturbed sleep thanks to advanced motion isolation technology.

7. **Luxurious Aesthetics:** Elevate your bedroom with an aesthetically pleasing design, adding a touch of sophistication.

8. **One-Year Guarantee:** Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year guarantee on the Zero Gravity 5000 mattress.

Upgrade to a new level of sleep luxury and reliability. Embrace the future of comfort with the Zero Gravity 5000 – where quality meets tranquility

All of our mattresses comply to UK Fire Flammability standards.


Small Single (2ft6″/76cm x 75″/190cm)
Single (3ft/90cm x 75″/190cm)
Small Double (4ft/120cm x 75″/190cm)
Double (4ft6″/135cm x 75″/190cm)
Kingsize (5ft/150cm x 78″/200cm)
Super King (6ft/180cm x 78″/200cm)

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Mattress Jargon Simplified...

Breathable Construction: Promotes airflow to maintain a cool sleeping environment.
Hypoallergenic Properties: Ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities.
Encapsulated Edge to edge Support: Reinforced edges prevent sagging and enhance stability.
Hybrid: Combo of different materials, like coils and foam.
Latex: Natural or synthetic rubber for bounce and durability.
Memory Foam: Contouring material that remembers your shape.
Firmness: How soft or firm the mattress feels.
Innerspring: Traditional coil-based mattress.
Quilting: Stitched patterns on the mattress cover for aesthetics and comfort.
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