Zero Gravity 4000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Introducing the Zero Gravity 4000 – Where Innovation Meets Comfort!

🌌 **Experience Elevated Comfort:** Immerse yourself in the embrace of 2000 meticulously crafted pocket springs, complemented by a 2000 tablet pocket spring unit, providing an unparalleled level of support and comfort.

🚀 **Zero Gravity® Technology:** Elevate your sleep experience with our revolutionary Zero Gravity® Technology. Feel weightless as the mattress contours to your body, offering a sense of buoyancy and ultimate relaxation.

🤲 **Hand Stitched for Perfection:** Every detail matters. Our mattress is hand-stitched with precision, ensuring Edge-to-Edge support for a sleep surface that feels customized just for you.

🔄 **One-Sided Wonder:** Enjoy the simplicity of maintenance with our one-sided design. A quick rotation is all it takes to keep your mattress feeling fresh and comfortable.

Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with the Zero Gravity 4000 – where luxury and technology converge for a sleep experience like no other. 🌙✨ #ZeroGravity4000 #InnovativeSleep


1. **Quantum Comfort Springs:** 2000 Pocket Springs paired with a 2000 tablet pocket spring unit for superior support.

2. **Zero Gravity® Technology:** Experience weightlessness and ultimate comfort as the mattress adjusts to your body's unique contours.

3. **Hand-Stitched Perfection:** Meticulously crafted with precision for Edge-to-Edge support, ensuring a customized sleep surface.

4. **One-Sided Design:** Effortless maintenance – simply rotate for enduring comfort and freshness.

5. **Breathable Fabric:** Stay cool and cozy throughout the night with our high-performance, breathable fabric.

6. **Motion Isolation:** Minimize disturbances and enjoy undisturbed sleep thanks to advanced motion isolation technology.

7. **Luxurious Aesthetics:** Elevate your bedroom with an aesthetically pleasing design, adding a touch of sophistication.

8. **One-Year Guarantee:** Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year guarantee on the Zero Gravity 4000 mattress.

Upgrade to a new level of sleep luxury and reliability. Embrace the future of comfort with the Zero Gravity 4000 – where quality meets tranquility

All of our mattresses comply to UK Fire Flammability standards.


Small Single (2ft6″/76cm x 75″/190cm)
Single (3ft/90cm x 75″/190cm)
Small Double (4ft/120cm x 75″/190cm)
Double (4ft6″/135cm x 75″/190cm)
Kingsize (5ft/150cm x 78″/200cm)
Super King (6ft/180cm x 78″/200cm)

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Mattress Jargon Simplified...

Breathable Construction: Promotes airflow to maintain a cool sleeping environment.
Hypoallergenic Properties: Ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities.
Encapsulated Edge to edge Support: Reinforced edges prevent sagging and enhance stability.
Hybrid: Combo of different materials, like coils and foam.
Latex: Natural or synthetic rubber for bounce and durability.
Memory Foam: Contouring material that remembers your shape.
Firmness: How soft or firm the mattress feels.
Innerspring: Traditional coil-based mattress.
Quilting: Stitched patterns on the mattress cover for aesthetics and comfort.
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